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After Hours and Late Night Problems


We employ a twenty-four hour, seven-days after hours service. All calls are diverted to our after hours live answering service.

These staff members are trained to handle any calls at any time. If attention is needed immediately, our after hours service has a series of numbers and mobile phones to lodge these urgent calls. If the matter is deemed not to be critically urgent, our office will receive an e-mail communication the following morning at opening time and the matter with be dealt with promptly by the appropriate person.

In addition, we fix a small, neat sticker to each rental property at the front of the house with the statement: "Managed By Kevin Hodges Real Estate" and our telephone number. This ensures that in the event of an emergency such as a fire, neighbours and police etc. can easily contact us for urgent attention.

We also engage a number of reliable and trustworthy tradespeople who will attend essential emergencies after hours as well. Your property is in safe hands!