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Property Management Services in SA



Kevin Hodges Real Estate - Munno Para specialises in managing residential properties in South Australia. 

Tenant selection is the key and we have honed our skills over the years to make sure we match the right people with your property.

Here are all the things that we do to ensure that you have a smooth ride as a property investor:


  • Leasing the property – We do everything to minimise the vacancy rate on the property.
  • Rental collection - This is usually done electronically either by BPay or Direct Debit. All rents must be paid in advance.
  • Prompt attention - to repairs, maintenance and cleaning as required.
  • Supervision - of alterations, painting, etc.
  • Obtaining quotes - for any trade work from our panel of approved trades people or those selected by you, the owner.
  • Payment of Rates - and other accounts as required.
  • Statements - of all receipts and payments are provided each month, preferably by email.
  • Your Funds - are transferred to your preferred financial institute account twice each month – the 15th and 1st.
  • Follow up of tenants who fail to pay rent on time - We have a "zero tolerance"policy in regard to late payments of rent and this is clearly explained to tenants on signing for the property.
  • Issuing of all legal notices - as required under the Residential Tenancies Act.
  • Letting of properties - together with the preparation of agreements and undertaking investigations of tenants.
  • Regular inspection of the property both inside and outside to maintain it's care by tenants. Full written reports are sent after each inspection. These are done every 3-4 months.
  • Advice - as to the appropriate rental levels applicable.
  • Recommendation - as to the suitability or otherwise of applicants for tenancy.
  • Property Investment education - and explanation of Gearing strategies.
  • Monthly Newsletter - is emailed to keep you up with market trends and other valuable information.