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Presentation of Your Property


"Nice properties attract nice people" 


This saying is particularly true when it comes to renting properties. The better the presentation, the better quality of tenant you will get. To assist in the smooth leasing and management of your rental property, we ask that the property be presented to Kevin Hodges Real Estate standard. This will be explained in detail on inspection of your property, as each property is different. However, in general terms it is important to:

  • Attend to outside areas; gardens, lawns, shrubs etc should be tidy, lawns mowed etc.
  • Ensure that all outside painted areas are sound
  • Have inside areas cleaned, including walls and stoves
  • Have all appliances, stove, hot water service, air-conditioners, heaters, ceiling fans and all electrical wiring, power points etc. in good working order
  • Make sure all blinds and curtains are clean and in good working order
  • Have carpets professionally cleaned