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Your Lease


Important Information about your Lease


As the successful applicant for one of our properties, there will be some paperwork to do.

Your property manager will make an appointment for you to come to our office at 28 Anderson Walk Smithfield, to get all the paperwork completed and signed off.

You will be provided with Residential Tenancy Agreement, or lease, that will contain all the details of the names of yourself and the owner, the property being rented, terms of the lease, rental amount and due dates for payment. It will also contain all the terms and conditions of the tenancy, including procedures for inspections, and any other charges that may arise such as payment for water.

The lease is prepared to comply with all the requirements of the Residential Tenancies Act and outlines your rights and responsibilities.

It is most important that you read through it carefully and have any questions answered. Your property manager will explain the terms and conditions of the lease and answer any questions you may have.

You will also be presented with a very detailed in-going inspection report. This needs to be checked when you move into the property and a copy returned to us within seven days.

Once everything has been signed, you will be given copies for your records to keep, together with a set of keys.

We wish you happy moving and look forward to a long and successful relationship.