Coming Soon – Licenses for Property Managers!
September 8, 2019
In its infinite wisdom, the South Australian Government is well underway with setting up new rules that will require all Property Managers in South Australia to be Licensed to be able to work in their chosen profession.

For many years, Real Estate Agents and a myriad of other Trades and Professions have needed licenses to practice. It is only logical that licensing for Property Managers would come in eventually.

Final details are still being completed, so no start date has yet been announced. Naturally there will be certain educational requirements for people to get licensed. These are also being worked out and are yet to be finalised.

No doubt we will be notified of these changes in due course.

In the meantime, every one of our Team attends many training workshops throughout the year as well as attending the prestigious Leading Property Managers of Australia annual conference. We are determined to bring the best service to all our clients and we make every effort to stay on the cutting edge!

And you can be sure that all our Property Managers will be duly licensed!