Considering Pets In Your Rental Property
September 4, 2019
Most people have a soft spot for pets, however when considering whether to allow a pet in your rental property it does require a bit more thought for property investors. It is natural for property investors and Property Managers to be wary of allowing pets into a rental property based upon a prior experience or concerns over what damage could occur to the property. Should you decide not to allow pets in your investment property, this must be incorporated in pre-tenancy marketing to avoid any confusion by prospective tenants which could hinder or delay the tenancy application process

Should you decide to allow a pet in your rental property, some definite guidelines should be placed at the start of the tenancy and written as additional terms of the tenancy agreement so there is a firm understanding and agreement as to the consent that you have granted. Firstly, when checking the tenant’s reference, additional particulars should be sought as to whether the pet created a disturbance, nuisance or damage during a previous tenancy. Also find out the number and type of pets. Is the pet for this tenancy the same as in other tenancies?

Although near impossible to police during a tenancy, clear guidelines should be sought and made regarding whether the pet will remain outdoors at all times or will be allowed indoors and under what circumstances. If you decide to allow a pet in your property you can set guidelines. In addition to terms such as the tenant fumigating the property internally and externally and steam-cleaning the carpets at the end of the tenancy, restriction of the number and type of pets should be written into the agreement.

Our experience has shown that by making it clear at the start of the tenancy that consent is granted upon the terms set out in the tenancy agreement it is possible to have a harmonious pet friendly tenancy.