Court orders landlord to pay $9,200 in compensation
September 6, 2019
A very interesting Supreme Court decision was handed down in June.

The matter was about a tenant who moved into a property that had some signs of water damage in a back room. The landlord (not one of our clients!) didn’t think it was too bad, and that he would attend to it soon.

Before he did so, the matter got worse and there was evidence of mould in the room from the dampness. The tenant raised the issue with the Landlord who promised to attend to the problem. He also agreed that the tenant could move out without penalty. This the tenant did.

The tenant then went to the Tribunal and claimed compensation. The Tribunal ruled against the Tenant. The Tenant then ordered a review of the decision, and the original decision was overruled and the Landlord was ordered to pay $9,200 compensation to the tenant.

The Landlord took the matter to the Supreme Court, and the Judge ruled that the Landlord still had to pay the amount – A costly decision indeed!

If you would like to see the full transcript of the Court decision, please contact our office and we will send it to you.