Gotta Love Those Politicians!
September 4, 2019
One of the benefits of middle age is that, generally speaking, one has seen it all before!

At the time of writing, we are being bombarded by media reports of all the horrendous things that the Government is planning to do in the May budget. History is repeating itself.

Party A gets voted out and party B gets in. They discover what a mess the previous lot have left and find we are in a far worse position than expected. Now promises have to be broken and draconian measures taken. It happens all the time, so why are we surprised?

Then the party in power leaks some of their plans and away the media goes, whipping up a frenzy. Then when the budget does come out, some of the things are scaled back and things aren’t quite as bad as previously announced!

We are still worse off than before, but not as much!

Not much we mere mortals can do about these things except get the best advice and plan our affairs to protect ourselves and our families.

Of course, looking back over the history of our great country, we can see that in the long haul, property is a steady place to store our wealth and grow something for our families and our future.

We’ve survived two world wars, regional wars, recessions, politicians and the big depression. We will continue to survive and indeed thrive as we focus on looking after ourselves and our neighbours!