Happy Tenants are Good Tenants! What are some ways to keep them happy?
September 4, 2019
There is an old saying that a happy tenant is a good tenant. A good tenancy, just like any relationship, works best when both parties feel the arrangement is fair and everyone is genuinely doing their best to honour it.

For the tenant, it’s an affordable and well-positioned property that is maintained in good running order. For the landlord, it’s a tenant who pays rent on time and doesn’t damage the property or generate complaints from neighbours.

As a landlord, you can increase that happiness and achieve a higher rent by offering a property that is well presented, structurally sound and everything works. Tenants appreciate sturdy and operational fittings and fixtures.

At the start of the tenancy we set out the tenant’s responsibilities in the agreement. With that comes an expectation that the property will be well maintained. The signature on the tenancy agreement can be read as satisfaction with your rent, the property and lease terms.

During the tenancy, if things go wrong with fittings and appliances, happiness will reign only if they are fixed promptly. Simply care for your investment and your tenants will too.

Too often, tenancies go sour because something that can be easily fixed is left unaddressed. How you respond is key to maintaining balance in the relationship.