How Do We Qualify Tenants?
September 4, 2019
Selecting good tenants is the key to a successful and happy tenancy!

When we are processing an application for tenancy, there are two main criteria which we consider when ascertaining if an applicant will be a suitable for your property.

Firstly, we check the applicant’s ability to pay the rent and maintain your property in its current condition. This is done by checking current and past rental history including rental ledgers, verbal and written reference checks. These include discussions with employers, previous landlords or managing agents, personal references and so on.

We then check the applicant details on two Australia wide tenancy databases to ensure that they have not defaulted on rent or damaged a property in the past.

To complete these checks we also check for any listings on the Bankruptcy or Court Orders listings. There is of course, no guarantee about any applicant, but thorough and exhaustive checking as outlined certainly minimises the risks associated with residential tenancies.