Lessons from my Grandson – Part Two
September 3, 2019

Talk about focus!

A few years ago we took the grandkids to Movie World on the Gold Coast. Their parents had taken them a few days before.

My 6 year old grabs me by the hand, “Come with me Grandad”! He takes me off to the souvenir store, makes his way straight to the glass display cabinet which contained a Batman costume, just his size! “Can you get it for me Grandad?” he asks. “How much is it mate?” I ask. “Only $65 Grandad!”

Now, having just paid a small fortune to get into the place and contemplating taking out a second mortgage to pay for lunch, I reluctantly explain to him that whilst Grandma and I are going to give him and his sisters a great time on this holiday, I couldn’t afford the Batman suit.

He never batted an eyelid. Without lifting his gaze from the suit in the glass case, he said “I need to see Grandma!”

Not “I want to see Grandma” … “I NEED to see Grandma!”

Well sure enough that’s what he did, and sure enough. Grandma being more pliable than Grandad got him one the next day at another store and save me a whole $5!

The moral of the story: Never lose sight of what you want and persist even if the first try fails!