Lessons from my Grandson
September 3, 2019
Can you remember Year 2 at School?

I can still remember when one of my Grandsons was moving up from Year One to Two he was quite worried. “That Year 2 work looks really hard Grandad!”

I couldn’t help smiling to myself and feeling for the little guy. From his perspective, Grade two was intimidating. From my perspective, it is so long ago for me I had forgotten all about it!

Well he did get through all that really hard Year Two stuff and is happily working his way through Year 5 now!

It made me think though, about the challenges that come along through life. Sometimes they can be quite intimidating. But like my grandson, I’ve learned the key is to get as much information as you can, weigh it up, make the decision and go for it! And just do it one day at a time!