Maintenance Manager Launches
September 3, 2019

During February, we launched our latest innovation – Maintenance Manager. This program enables not only our staff, but Owners, Tenants and Tradies to access information and get repairs done more quickly.

Like anything new, it does take some time to get used to it and patience is needed. However, we have had it up and running now for about three weeks and already we are seeing savings in time as compared with the previous system we used

Maintenance Manager sits in the “cloud” like most new programs these days. The great benefit that comes from this is that it can be accessed from computers, iPads and mobile phones alike making it much easier to report repairs, emergencies and get instructions from our Owners. It also enables us to issue Work Orders to get things attended to quickly. Tradies can also submit their quotes and invoices electronically, enhancing these processes as well. The other thing we like is no passwords are necessary when requests go out. A button “Click Here” is added to each email which takes the user straight to the appropriate page.

Please continue to bear with us – all new things take time to bed in and get running smoothly, but the results so far are quite impressive.

In March, we will be adding an access button to our web site to make tenant’s reporting even easier.

If you have any questions at all, please contact your Property Manager.