More Red Tape
September 3, 2019
Here we go again with more demands from Government in regards to owning and managing rental properties.

All Landlords are now required to give their tenants copies of all Instruction Manuals for the various appliances that are in the property. This includes stoves, air-conditioners, hot-water services, heaters, roller doors and anything else that requires an operator’s manual.

For many years now, we have made it a practice to give these out to tenants when signing the lease, along with all the other various documents. This is not so easy to do with the older properties where such manuals have long since been lost or were never in the possession of the new owner when the property was sold.

The new legislation makes no allowance for the age of appliances – it covers them all.

In the situation where no manuals are available, or are not given to the tenant, the tenant cannot be charged for any damage done. Effectively they can state that they never had an instruction manual and so it’s not their fault!

If you don’t have manuals, it is well worth while doing a Google search, as many are now being made available by manufacturers as downloadable pdf documents.

Please talk to your Property Manager if you have any concerns.