Receiving Statements by Email Can Save You Money!
September 4, 2019
A number of property investors still continue to rely upon paper based rent statements.

A growing number of our clients are now receiving rent statements via email which is often preferred by accountants.

By having your rent statement emailed, Ayou get your financial reporting at the same time as our funds are transferred to your nominated bank account.

Emailing rent statements avoids postage delays and saves you additional accountancy fees. Accountants prefer email statements over paper based rent statements as they can store them in PDF format for instant use upon completing your taxation return and for future reference. This saves you additional accountancy administration and filing fees.

To convert to email rent statements simply call your Property Manager and advise them of the preferred email address that you want your rent statement to be sent to and we will arrange it for you.

We do suggest that you nominate a non-work email address for your privacy and an email address that you are unlikely to change.

Start to receive your email rent statements now to save you time and money.