Should I Allow Pets in my Property?
September 3, 2019
It is clear that many prospective tenants looking for a property to rent these days do have pets, and allowing pets or not is the personal choice of the landlord. However these factors should be considered:

Vacancy factor – if there are more properties available in the area than good tenants, allowing pets increase the chance of finding a tenant quickly, reducing the extreme cost of a vacant property.

Damages – any tenant who has a pet is likely to bring the pet inside, despite assurances verbally or in writing otherwise. Being aware of this factor is important and having the right expectations is all part of successful property investment. If you want to avoid possible damages occurring by a pet coming inside, it is best to say ‘no’ to pets altogether.

Insurance cover – it is important to know that insurance policies do automatically exclude the cover for damages caused by pets. This factor also should be considered as whether to allow pets or not, however severe damage caused by pets doesn’t happen very often.

Allowing pets or not is completely a landlord choice, and in a buoyant market landlords can afford to say no. However there are a lot of good tenants who do have pets, so careful consideration with these factors in mind is the best practice.