Some Things To Consider Before Selling Your Investment Property
September 4, 2019
Thinking of selling your investment property?

Apart from the sales process, there are a number of tenancy related issues that investors should think of before listing the property for sale.

Legislation requires that your tenant be informed that the property is being listed for sale prior to the commencement of marketing. It is always wise to ensure that your selling agent notifies the tenant in the appropriate manner of the pending sale.

Given that the success of the sale can be dependent upon the tenant presenting the property well and allowing ease of access for intending purchasers, the notification stage is one of the most vital in the sales process.

When listing your property for sale through our agency, our sales department always works closely with your Property Manager who will advise the tenant of the pending sale.

This is necessary because the Property Manager has the on-going relationship with the tenant, making it much easier to gain the cooperation of the tenant. The salesperson then continues to liaise with the Property Manager throughout the sales process. Often tenants panic and think they have to leave the premises, but of course, this is not the case where a fixed term lease is in place.