South Australia: May Market Report 2016
September 4, 2019

We encourage our current and potential investors to keep up to date with the latest news in the real estate market. This month, we reviewed the most recent report provided by Your Property Investment magazine and summarised the report’s most important and useful points for our clients.

So far this month, the South Australian May Real Estate Market report has reported good news for SA investors. Vacancy rates are staying firm and unit yields have increased, despite an oversupply of apartments in the state and a rough economic climate. This translates to an attractive rental environment for potential investors.

Numbers show that Adelaide presents prime opportunities for excellent rental returns. The report explains that high rental returns don’t necessarily mean that investors have to pay a high purchasing price. Sought after inner suburbs like Norwood and Kent Town, and northeast suburbs like Golden Grove and Para Hills offer affordable purchase prices with high rental returns thanks to substantial capital growth.

The report states that, in regards to future predictions, demand may lessen later this year as a consequence of oversupply of property in the outer suburbs, where listings are consistent. More positively, the development of the new Royal Adelaide Hospital in North Terrace will have a positive impact on demand and values of properties in the surrounding suburbs.

We understand that first time property investors can be quite overwhelmed with the processes involved in purchasing a property. Our aim is to take the fear out of investment properties and management by equipping you with the right information, so that you can remain well-informed and be confident with your purchase decision.

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