The Need for Landlord Insurance
September 4, 2019
Not all tenants are bad, but you do need to make sure that you are covered should something go wrong. True, that is why we always take the maximum Bond (4 weeks rent where rents are up to $250 per week; 6 weeks rent for rents above $250). Most times the Bond is enough to cover things, but sometimes it is not.

While most tenants take good care of your property, accidents do happen. It’s important to remember that not all landlord protection policies are the same. Many landlord insurance policies do not cover intentional damage or non-payment of rent.

The right landlord insurance should cover you for loss of rent, malicious damage, as well as accidental damage, theft, and public liability.

There are a number of these types of policies being offered by many different Insurance companies these days, so it is very important to look very carefully at what they will (and will not) cover as well as the excesses in the event of a claim. Our Property Managers have had a number of situations where the Landlord thought they were adequately covered, but the reality was very different.

We’ve had years of experience with Landlord Protection Insurance. Please call our office on (08) 8254 3777 to see if we can help make the process simpler for you.