Welcome to 2015! Happy New Year!
September 3, 2019
I always love starting off a whole new year! I find this time of year is a great time for reflection on the past year’s achievements and challenges as well as making plans for the year ahead that stretches before all of us like a blank canvas waiting for the painter’s touch!

Looking back over the past year, we have had to work our way through many changes to the Residential Tenancy Act as well as keeping our team up to date with changes in technology and practices.

A number of our clients have chosen to sell – many making substantial profits on their investments, others being prepared to take losses as they move on to new ventures.

Naturally in many respects, it is business as usual. Properties must still be inspected, empty ones filled with new tenants as fast as possible, repairs attended to and the usual myriad of tasks that go with managing property for our many clients.

One of the exciting changes we are implementing in this New Year is availing ourselves of a brand new computer program that will manage our repairs. It is called “Maintenance Manager”. Naturally we will be getting out more information on this very shortly. In summary, it allows all stake-holders, owners, tenants, tradies and property managers to get repairs and quotes done more efficiently. The program is very secure and allows easy access for everyone to track the progress of every job. We are very excited about this innovation and look forward to sharing with you later this month.

I hope you are enjoying a good break through the festive season – A good time to recharge and reflect on your investments. If you need any help in doing a comprehensive review please give me a call or send me an email.

Happy New Year to all!