Welcome to 2016!
September 4, 2019
There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the older we get the faster time flies! Can you believe we are now 16 years into the new Millennium?

No doubt this will be a year of many changes as politicians and others grapple with the complexities of our modern world. But some things remain constant: We all need somewhere to live; We all need to feed and educate our families; We all need to earn a living; We all need an annual holiday!

Part of our purpose in our business is to help with these needs. Property still remains an excellent way of building resources for the future. Whilst in many areas we have seen prices fall in recent times, net returns are increasing and we enjoy steady demand from tenants looking for accommodation. There are some excellent buys around, particularly in the Northern suburbs of Adelaide where prices have fallen.

So, looking forward to this year I expect much of the same as in 2015. I don’t anticipate any large upward movement in prices; interest rates should remain steady; many opportunities will present themselves.

Happy New Year!