What a Brilliant Team!
September 3, 2019
I have written before about how proud I am of my staff.

Looking back on December I just want to say how impressed I have been with each person’s dedication to their tasks.

From the administration side of things through finding new tenants and caring for our owners and customers, at every turn I see commitment, dedication and much hard work.

Much of this work goes unseen, but I can assure all of our readers that without the attention to detail of every staff member on a daily basis, nothing would run as smoothly as it does.

I also pondered on how busy a month December was in relation to leasing out properties and finding new tenants for empty ones. Many owners dread the Christmas month believing that it will be very difficult to get tenants for their properties. I can report that such is not the case in our experience

(L to R) Kerry-Anne, Louise, Wendy, Maria, Kevin and Taylor

My team were busy right up to a couple of days before New Year’s Day signing up new tenants and making sure they and our owners could have a stress free Christmas holiday period knowing that their property was all ‘good to go” for the New Year.

A big “Well Done” to everyone!