What happens when your tenant gives notice to vacate?
September 4, 2019
Should your tenant want to vacate, we ensure firstly that the required notice to vacate is given. We also ask the reason for them vacating. Upon notice being received we will contact you to advise of the tenant’s vacate date and to seek your reletting instructions.

During this conversation we will advise you of the suggested market rent, discuss a minimum lease term tailored to meet market conditions and to outline our marketing program. We also advise you of the reason the tenant is vacating. In some instances we may be able to prevent a vacancy should the tenant be vacating due to a property specific problem that has not previously been brought to our attention.

Upon confirming your instructions and tenancy terms, we immediately commence promotion of the property. This will include promotion on our own website and on leading For Lease portals, and advising prospective tenants on our database that your property is coming on to the market and to advise of inspection times.

At this time we provide the vacating tenant with a vacating checklist to assist them with how to present the property when open for inspection and the manner in which the property is to be presented upon vacating in order to minimise the likelihood of bond deductions and to ensure that your property is left at the best standard.

During the marketing period we will be in contact with you on a regular basis to advise you of feedback from intending tenants and to make recommendations that may make the property more attractive to intending tenants.

Our aim at all times is to commit a new tenant before the current tenant vacates.