Who Pays for the Water?
September 4, 2019
There can be a lot of confusion as to who pays for water usage at the start of a tenancy. It is the property investor’s responsibility to pay for all water, sewerage and service charges.

For some time in South Australia, Landlords have been able to be reimbursed for water supply charges and usage, providing this is written into the Lease of Tenancy Agreement. This has essentially given our Landlords a rent increase.

We recommend this to all our Landlords and there has been wide acceptance from tenants. Where this is not written into the Lease, it can be instituted in the subsequent Lease renewal.

A water meter reading is to be taken at the start of the tenancy. The meter is then read each time the Property manager goes to the property for inspections. A pro-rata usage figures is calculated and billed to the tenant.

To assist both Landlords and tenants, we have suggested to tenants that they pay an additional weekly or fortnightly amount above the rent to create a credit towards the water bill when it comes in. Our computer software is able to distinguish the extra payment and put it in the right place. This system is working well.

The only real requirement is that we do need to have the SA Water invoices on file should a Tenant request to see one.