Why pay more Tax than you have to?
September 4, 2019
The late Kerry Packer famously told a Parliamentary Enquiry some years ago that he, of course arranged his affairs to pay as little tax as possible.

“After all”, he said, “you are not doing that good a job with it that I would want to donate more!”

Australians love property investment! With the inability of Governments to adequately house the population, it must fall to the private sector to provide quality homes to meet the demands of the rental market. To this end, there are many favourable tax advantages given to those who invest in rental property.

Generally speaking, all the costs of running and owning a rental property are tax deductible against the rental income.

One of the greatest advantages is depreciation deductions for the plant and equipment supplied at/to the property. In many cases there also exists the ability to depreciate the cost of the building itself.

These all amount to “non-cash” deductions that can really help the bottom line.

The only way to do this properly is to engage a Quantity Surveyor. They attend the property, going through it to extract every possible capital item that can be written off and from this, prepare a Schedule that gives all the deductions – usually for a 10 year period.

At KHRE we have used and recommend the services of BMT Quantity Surveyors.