5 star rating

In July 2017, we purchased a rental property in Smithfield S.A. For peace of mind, we chose a locally-based agency to manage the property – Kevin Hodges Real Estate.
We realized very quickly that this was an excellent choice. We were dealing with REAL people who were not only highly efficient, but had a heart and showed real warmth towards both home owners and lessees. Our new property was leased within a very short time, without fuss or issues to be faced by us.
We felt so comfortable and secure in this business arrangement that we asked Kevin to inform us when a similar property came up for sale through them. Within six weeks we owned our second Smithfield rental property.

What do we like about the company?

1. 100% reliability
2. We and our lessees are not just clients … we are real people treated equally and with utmost integrity.
3. Repairs and maintenance issues are dealt with promptly through their network of reliable tradies.
4. Financial transactions occur without fail on the 15th and the last day of each month. For us, this is an absolute bonus because our two rental properties are our only source of income. We can eat and manage our household expenses without any financial concerns.
5. Kevin Hodges is not just a business proprietor concerned with building up his personal security. He has strong community links, and cares about people’s lives. That in itself is really special about the company.