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The First Inspection


This document is required under the regulations of the Residential Tenancies Act and is sometimes referred to as the "Ingoing Condition Report".

This has been prepared by your property manager prior to the commencement of the lease.

It is very detailed and shows the condition of both the inside and outside of the property at the time of the inspection.

You will be given two copies of the report at the time of signing up for the property.

You then have seven days to review this report and return one copy to our office with any comments. Please be sure to record any differences or any observations that you make. Please keep the other copy for your records.

This First Inspection Report is then used for checking at the final inspection conducted at the end of the tenancy.

In addition to doing this report, as required under the law at the start of the tenancy, we also take a series of digital photographs which are held on file as a part of the first inspection.