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Why choose us?

Choosing a Property Manager is not always easy. Most companies do the same things. However, not all have the same happy outcomes for their clients.

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the “Rolls Royce” of Property Managers, a 5 being average and 1 being completely hopeless, we would put ourselves as a 9 (well, no-one is perfect!).

Here’s a list of reasons why you should choose us:

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1. We make sure we get the right tenant for your property – someone who will pay the rent on time every time, and look after the property. Every reference and employment history is checked thoroughly.

2. We complete very detailed property reports both when the tenant goes into the property and leaves it. Several photographs are taken both inside and outside and the tenant is held accountable to that report.

3. We inspect the property several times through the tenancy and send fully detailed reports. This makes sure the tenant is caring for the property responsibility.

4. We practice zero tolerance when it comes to late rent payments. Any arrears are followed up immediately.

5. We keep up with the market and make sure we get the best rent possible for your property.

6. We invest heavily in the latest technology to ensure efficient management of your property.

7. Our staff are sent to regular training programs to provide the best possible service.

8. Our staff are kept up to date with the latest changes to legislation. This makes sure you property is compliant with all Government regulations.

9. We have developed great relationships with suppliers and tradespeople to make sure your property maintenance is done properly and at competitive rates.

10. We transfer your funds to you twice every month – no need to go to the bank or wait for cheques to clear your account.

11. We pay all the outgoing bills for your property, makes sure all deadline dates are met on time.

12. Landlord Insurance is recommended for every Landlord. We keep up with the best companies and the best policies in case we ever have to make a claim.

13. We avoid having to go to the Tenancy Tribunal by negotiating best outcomes with tenants should something go wrong.

14. We are the go-between between you and your tenant. You don’t ever have to deal with them.

15. Our General Manager is simply brilliant at accounting, and always get commended by the external Auditor each year at Audit time for her accurate work. This ensures peace of mind for our clients with regard to their money.

16. There simply is no substitute for experience. Our team has clocked up 91 years of collective experience. We are experts at taking stress off our clients!