Be Sure to Check Out Your Insurance
September 6, 2019
Like most things we purchase, it is wise to do regular reviews.

This especially applies to Landlord Insurance. In recent months, our Property Managers have been very disappointed with either the claims process or the amount the Insurance Company will pay out on claims.

In one case the Property Manager has had to wait over six months for a simple straight forward claim to be finalised.

In other cases they have been very disappointed to discover that for certain claims like accidental damage, all the Insurance Company will pay out is $500.

As a Property management Company, we are currently reviewing the three major offerings in the market place to make sure all our clients have some real choices when it comes to Landlord Protection Insurance.

We will be letting our clients know the outcomes of these investigations in the near future. In the meantime, please be sure to look at your current policy to make sure you have the best cover for you circumstances.