I’m sick of property investors being picked on
September 10, 2019
Property Investors are getting a lot of criticism from some sides of the political spectrum who are calling for the abolition of negative gearing.

These investors should be proud of themselves for providing an essential public service. There simply is no way that Governments can or even should provide housing for the population.

Some years ago we had a quality control inspector visit our office to do an audit. During our discussion, she proclaimed in quite strong terms that she herself could never be a landlord because; “That is just exploiting people.”

I quickly told her my story of having lost my job in a country town back in the early 80s and having to move to Adelaide for work. My wife and I had four children (we still do!) and we were extremely grateful to the lanlord who provided us with somewhere to live at the time. Far from feeling exploited as she had said, we felt very privileged to be able to house our family.

She did agree she had never looked at it like that before. I don’t know if she ever did invest in property in the future but she shure had a different perspective from that time on.

If you are a property investor, be very proud of what you have done. There are many good people out there looking for a home and you could be just the one to help them out.