What to ask Your Property Manager When Reviewing a Tenant Application
September 4, 2019
Processing an application for tenancy is a basic role for your Property Manager who will recommend the best applicant for your property. In addition to the information that your property manager provides regarding applicants, consider asking your property manager more about the applicant applying for your property, including:
  • Have employment references been checked verbally and in writing?
  • Was 100 points of ID obtained?
  • If working for less than 6 months at their current place of employment, ask if previous employment was contacted and verified.
  • In addition to confirming the length of employment, ask if they are full time or part time.
  • Was a copy of the tenant’s prior rental payment ledger received and read to check that rent payments were not made in arrears?
  • How many people will be living at the property and were references obtained from all of them?
  • Why are the applicants moving from their current address and how long were they living there?
  • How soon can the applicants move into your property?

By asking more questions you can determine the suitability of all applicants to your property.